Hudson Lake Collection

The Hudson Lake Collection is available exclusively at

Feeney's Hometown Goods

@ 115 East Michigan Street in New Carlisle, Indiana.

2022 Limited Run Linocut Print Editions

rainbow adirondack / muskoka rainbow chair (print)

think, don't sink lifejacket (fabric print)

framed chair (print)

having a ball at hudson lake
(greeting card)

idle zone (print)

why did the turtle cross swamp road? (print)

no parking (print)

never a crappy day at hudson lake (print)

liberty's glasses, or lost & found (mixed media - sold)

take a break at hudson lake (mixed media collaboration)

2021 Limited Run Linocut Print Editions

Hudson Lake:
rainbow catamaran
(greeting card)

Hudson Lake:
life jacket
(greeting card)

Hudson Lake:
water skiing
(greeting card)

Take a Break
at Hudson Lake
(greeting card)

Hudson Lake
at Night

Hudson Lake:
(greeting card)

Hudson Lake kayak linocut print proofing in the Hyde Park Art Center printmaking studio.

work in progress

die-cut flip flop / umbrella / beach / collage greeting card