Information about pricing

Transparency about the issue of pricing is meant to serve other artists who are wondering "how much should I charge?" as well as curious customers who may be wondering why prices keep going up (it's the economy!). Read on for details.

A great resource for up-and-coming (or established) artists are the "Small Biz Resources" put out by Peach Fuzz Co.

My cards sold for $5 apiece from 2009-2022, including MS word icon cards printed on cardstock and linocut greeting cards printed on a range of materials. As of 2023, I had to start charging more in an attempt to break even. For comparison, at a local convenience store / pharmacy in the US that I'll call "Smalgreens," cards from a conglomerate that I'll refer to as "Smallmark" run $6.99-$12.99 (or more).

Case Study

By way of elucidation, I'll use one (small!) item as a case study to explain my (current as of 2024) pricing for the Chicagoland area.